PTron MaxPro: A Budget-Friendly Smartwatch with Modern Features!

The global market is witnessing the surge of smartwatches, and the trend is particularly popular among the youth who are drawn to the prospect of connecting these devices to their smartphones. Responding to the growing demand, various companies are consistently releasing new smartwatches, each offering unique features. Joining this league is the recently launched PTron Reflect MaxPro and Reflect Flash smartwatches in India. These watches are gaining attention for their attractive design, vibrant color options, and affordable pricing, making them accessible to a wider audience.

Both the Reflect MaxPro and Reflect Flash come with a price tag of less than INR 1,500, making them competitive in the budget-friendly smartwatch segment. Among the two, the Reflect Flash boasts premium features with its round dial and full-touch display, giving it an appealing look. The watch features a metal case design with zinc and multiple color options, providing users with a variety of choices to match their style.

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On the other hand, the Reflect MaxPro comes with a metal frame design, a functional crown, and additional features. Both watches are equipped with advanced capabilities, including Bluetooth calling, 24×7 health monitoring, sports modes, and a sleep tracker. The Reflect MaxPro, in particular, offers a slew of premium features, such as a round dial, a full-touch display, and a metal case design that adds a touch of sophistication.

Let’s delve into the specifications of the Reflect MaxPro and Reflect Flash:


The Reflect MaxPro boasts a 2.01-inch curved display with 600 nits peak brightness and a 60Hz refresh rate, while the Reflect Flash features a 1.32-inch full-touch curved display.


The Reflect MaxPro comes with a functional crown and a metal frame, providing a premium feel. On the other hand, the Reflect Flash features a full metal case with a flexible TPU strap.

Battery Life

Both watches offer a battery life of up to 15 days on standby, with a full charge taking approximately 3 hours for the Reflect MaxPro and up to 10 days for the Reflect Flash.

Other Features

Both smartwatches include Bluetooth calling, 24/7 health monitoring, sports modes, sleep trackers, and support for more than 100 watch faces. Additionally, they are compatible with popular social media apps like LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, providing notifications directly to the wrist.

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The PTron Reflect MaxPro and Reflect Flash smartwatches bring a blend of style and functionality to the affordable smartwatch market. With their attractive designs, vibrant color options, and a range of features, these watches cater to the diverse preferences of users.

Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly option with essential features or a more premium device with advanced capabilities, PTron has something to offer for everyone. Stay connected, stay stylish, and stay on top of your health with the PTron Reflect MaxPro and Reflect Flash smartwatches!

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