MIVI Introduces New Earbuds DuePods A750 with AI-ENC Technology

MIVI, the audio products company, has announced the launch of its latest earbuds, the DuePods A750, equipped with cutting-edge AI-ENC technology. The company revealed that these earbuds will hit the market on November 24, boasting a range of features that set them apart.

The introduction of AI-ENC technology is a significant step forward for MIVI, providing users with an enhanced calling experience. The company seems to be positioning the DuePods A750 as a comprehensive audio solution with a focus on both audio quality and advanced features.

DuePods A750 Notable features

AI-ENC Technology for Clear Calling

The standout feature of these new earbuds is the AI-ENC (Artificial Intelligence-Environmental Noise Cancellation) technology, ensuring a clear calling experience even in noisy environments. MIVI has been at the forefront of introducing innovative features, and the DuePods A750 is no exception, as it comes with additional features that were unveiled before the official launch.

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DuePods A750 Stylish Design and Comfortable Wear

The DuePods A750 earbuds come in an attractive high-end glass finish box with a metallic design, adding to their visual appeal. MIVI has prioritized comfort in the design, making these earbuds not only stylish but also comfortable for extended use.

Bluetooth 5.3 Connectivity for Enhanced Performance

One of the notable features is the Bluetooth 5.3 technology that allows for multi-connectivity. With 13mm speakers, the earbuds deliver rich bass, making them an ideal choice for music enthusiasts. The battery life of over 55 hours, as claimed by MIVI, surpasses many competitors, and the case also features a battery notification light.

Impressive Battery Life and Fast Charging

MIVI emphasizes the fast charging capabilities of the DuePods A750, claiming a playback time of 500 minutes with just a 10-minute charge. However, specific details regarding the pricing of these earbuds are yet to be disclosed by the company.

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MIVI continues to innovate in the audio industry, and the DuePods A750 with AI-ENC technology is expected to make waves in the market with its promising features. As we await the official release on November 24, consumers are eager to experience the blend of technology and design that MIVI has incorporated into these new earbuds.

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